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Lion Progress, Please Read.

Hello Everyone.

I have gotten a lot of messages, emails, and posts about Lion and the progress on it, mainly negative messages about why the guide isn’t out yet. Here’s some background:

Everyone keeps saying that people have already released guides to get Lion on other models of Asus Netbooks. Here would be the difference between my guide and theirs: They are using DP1 or DP2 to put Lion on the netbook. If you don’t know, DP means Developer Preview, so basically beta versions of Lion. They are not the full versions and do not allow for all the parts of Lion to be utilized (and thus making the guide would be easier). I will NOT┬árelease a DP guide for Lion because I consider it a waste of time.

Secondly, in reference to the numerous amounts of messages, emails, etc. This has become extremely frustrating during my time in making the guide. I am a college student, enrolled in 7 classes this semester, and my number one priority is exactly that, school. Unfortunately, I cannot devote hours and hours of time to making a guide, as much as I find certain aspects of it enjoyable. I have become extremely irate at times during this guide-making experience, because Lion is a completely separate beast compared to Snow Leopard. There are numerous differences, especially with the structure of how Lion is run/how it was made. The constant barrage of interaction between the community and myself is tiresome and makes my progress even slower.

Lately, the decision to continue to make this guide is very shaky. I have been going back and forth debating whether to continue my progress on this guide or not. For now, I am focusing on my schoolwork and seeing from there whether my guide will continue to be worked on.

During this time, I ask the community to please be respectful of my decision, for now, to take my focus off this guide. I understand that some people will hate and some people will get pissed and publicize it. My job as the Asus Netbook Moderator on the InsanelyMac forums remains, as I love doing that, and it isn’t time consuming like making hackintosh guides. For the remaining people who will understand my position, thank you for your respect and your understanding.

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