Lion is in Production!

Hey Guys,

I know a lot of you are eagerly waiting for me to release the guide on how to install OS X Lion on your netbooks. The process of making these types of guides are not easy and take lots of time, effort, wiping and reinstallation. The definites I know are these:

1) This installation will be building off your Snow Leopard installation. Thus, I will make the guide VERY SIMPLE, because if you screw up the installation, you would have to go back and reinstall snow leopard before you can upgrade again.
2) Internal wifi might have issues working, just like snow leopard before 10.6.4. But I’m not sure on this one.
3) You will need to actually BUY LION! I will not and do not support piracy. In order to get this installation working, you must download Lion THROUGH THE APP STORE! Because you need to extract and replace certain files in the dmg file that you can only do before you burn it to the SD card/usb drive.

I will be posting again shortly on my progress.


    • SmartAss
    • August 8th, 2011

    is this another “guide” about cooking official lion with DP1 Finder? :/

    • No, my lion guide will be for the full release version of Lion. Please be patient and wait until I release it before asking questions about it.


  1. Waiting almost month… When?

    • Please be patient. Most guide-makers are using the Developer Previews (either DP1 or DP2), whereas I’m using the full release version of Lion. Posts like this are encouraging me to quit the guide making on Lion. It takes time. This guide took 2-3 months to put together. Lion has only been out for about a month. Please give it time.


    • mrpanda
    • August 28th, 2011

    Hi technotalk,

    Thank you for a wonderful guide. I will be patiently waiting for Lion Update. I would like to note a couple things, I used the 10.6.3 Retail DVD and another method to get OSX installed, then I used your method from upgrading from step 3 – upgrade to 10.6.6. I have had success and I feel that other people will too because 10.6.0 Retail DVD is not as easy to obtain (although I could be wrong).

    Also I purchased a brand new 1005HA for this (came with Windows 7 Starter) and it seems that they shipped a different ethernet card so I had to use 1C instead of 1E(came with your file). I had trouble getting attansic1eEthernet to work properly with 1E. Anyways keep me updated and thanks again.


    • james
    • August 31st, 2011

    people, give the man some time to work on this before asking why and when… I understand the excitement as I am eagerly awaiting a guide as well, but asking these annoying questions only delays and frustrates the developer.

    • Yes, I am very frustrated and thinking about stopping the guide developement all together. I’m still debating whether to continue my research or not. But thank you for the support.

      Techno Talk

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