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Hackintosh Update. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

So I’m getting somewhat frustrated at this point. So this is the update on the 1005HA/HAB guide.

1) As far as updating to 10.6.8, please do NOT attempt this update on your own. you will cause a KP or an unstable install. I have released and update for a reason, and that reason is because I cannot create a stable install yet. Please WAIT!

2) If you are going to go against my recommendation of updating, then be smart and still follow the backup steps for updating to 10.6.5/10.6.6/10.6.7 (as far as the graphics and buffer kexts…)

3) OS X Lion: I have gotten a RIDICULOUS amount of emails and comments from people about making their netbook able to run Lion. So I have multiple comments on this:

a) First of all, Lion is STILL IN BETA! Yes, the GM (Golden Master) beta was just released, but it’s not even fully out, so BE PATIENT!
b) Secondly, even if it were out, it’s going to take the entire community a WHILE to create a way to get Lion to work on hackintosh (IF AT ALL). Since there is no physical media for the Lion install (it is going to be a download through the Mac App Store), it is going to be very difficult to get a way to modify the Lion installation, let alone actually install it. So, again, BE PATIENT!
c) Please don’t spam my email or comment continuously about this. I have had the beta for a while, but it’s going to take a while before Lion will be available for hackintosh. Not only that, do NOT spam the InsanelyMac forums either. I moderate the Asus Netbook section, as you guys know, and any spam related to Lion will be removed immediately, unless it is a LEGITIMATE question. (i.e. “What are the major structural changes Lion has compared to Snow Leopard?” not “When will Lion work on my netbook?”).

I appreciate your cooperation in this. I have become somewhat annoyed with the community about their lack of patience on this release. At least wait until the software is fully released before spamming everyone’s laptop screens.

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