Hackintosh Update 10.6.7

Hey Guys,

The new legacy Kernel was released for the 10.6.7 update. There is a new package way to update to 10.6.7 and upgrade the kernel, but I do NOT recommend doing this. There are too many ways to make mistakes. Here’s how you update.

Download the zip file from this LINK

Download the apple 10.6.7 COMBO UPDATE from HERE

There are 2 ways of doing this guide. I will post both and you decide which to go with.

Once the combo update is downloaded, go ahead and backup the following kexts:

Method 1

This is the older way of doing this, which has worked for me. Run the combo update. Once it is done, it will prompt you to restart. DO NOT RESTART! Minimize or hide the window. Move the old 10.6.5 kernel (found in the original download that you used get to 10.6.5) to your desktop. Then open Terminal and enter the following codes (same as last time).

*sudo -s (and then enter password)
*cd /
*mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
*cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel_atom /
* mv /mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
*chown 0:0 mach_kernel
(again the stars are NOT included)

Once this is done, restart using the combo update window. After your computer boots, replace all the kexts you backed up and also put in the new SleepEnabler kext from the updated download into your /System/Library/Extentions folder. Then run pfix again. Restart. You should be updated to 10.6.7 and have everything working.


Run the combo update. This could take a while, so be prepared to do some waiting. Once this is done, it’s going to prompt you to restart. Like the previous updates, DO NOT RESTART! Just minimize the window for now.

At this point, you want to run the legacy_kernel-10.7.0.pkg. This will update your kernel to the new version (10.7.o legacy kernel) and replace the SleepEnabler kext for you. You can now restart. On bootup, replace the backed up kexts and run pfix. Restart again.
Like I said, I do not support Method #2 because I did not use it myself. There is no difference between using the new legacy kernel and the old method. I personally like the first method because it is safer to use with the way we have updated to 10.6.5 and 10.6.6.

Hope this helps you guys out,


    • Jean-Philippe
    • March 30th, 2011

    So if I understand correctly, method #2 will update the kernel to the new version released with the 10.6.7 update, but method #1 keep the old one from 10.6.5.

    Is there any advantage to get the new kernel?

    I am still on 10.6.5. Do I need to upgrade to 10.6.6 before using either method #1 or #2?

    • Curtis.m
    • April 5th, 2011

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the extensive guide to getting os x on my little asus netbook, it’s the most comprehensive guide for the 1005ha I’ve seen 🙂

    There is a small problem to highlight. putting the 1005ha to sleep and waking it back up is the only way of getting the cpu fan to kick in, otherwise the system shuts down after a couple of minutes.

    I’m currently on 10.6.7 and followed your guide to the letter. I installed 10.6 then went straight to 10.6.7 using the combo update and used your preferred method of installing the legacy kernel.

    I hope there’s a simple fix for this out there………..

    Again, many thanks for this excellent guide.

    • Curtis,
      If you had read the comments, you would see this is an issue widespread throughout the asus-netbook hackintosh community. There is no fix as of yet.


    • Zac
    • July 1st, 2011

    Hey Matt, love the guide. I have everything fully working on my 1005HAB. Only one issue that I can’t seem to figure out and that’s the internal mic. Every application I’ve thrown at it works with the mic, except Google Voice/Video chat. Google Voice/Video wont recognize the internal mic even though it says it does. Any suggestions? Thanks, Zac

    • For the internal mic, I will have to look into that. I haven’t heard of a problem with that in the kexts. You might want to check the kext list again and make sure you installed it when you ran pfix. I will look into it and try and get back to you.

      Techno Talk

    • James
    • September 9th, 2011

    thanks for the guides. I don’t know if this has been answered before, but we can jump updates? for instance, I am on 10.6.4, can I jump straight to 0.6.7? It is a combo update so I’m guessing it can be done, can someone confirm if it is possible with this method being used or if there is something else preventing me from doing this. TIA

    • I personally am unsure if you can or not. Since I made the guide as the updates were coming out, I installed each one individually. If you try to do this, please post your results so I may modify my guide if needbe.

      Techno Talk

  1. So I followed a different guide installing since I was running into an issue you did not cover but basically I have a 1005hab with 1.6.2 installed on it. and I havn’t done any updates or kernal anythings, so im wondering if you know a way to get to 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 in one step. rather then following all of your guides one by one.

    • I would follow each step to get to 10.6.7. I haven’t ever tried to jump From 10.6.2 to 10.6.7.


    • johskar
    • February 4th, 2012

    upgraded to this 10.6.7 on my 1005HA, but seem to have issues with it detecting pendrives and other usb disks, mice/keyboard and such works fine in usb, anyone else experienced this or got a fix?

    • This problem has been talked about before. Redo the combo update and the problem is fixed.


        • johskar
        • February 4th, 2012

        Ah, was only reading comments 10.6.7 update post not for the entire timeline from install. 🙂
        Gonna redo the combo update then and see how it goes.
        Other than that, it’s working like a charm 🙂

  2. I just hackintoshed an Asus 1005 PEB. I started out with iPortable snow installer that gave me 10.6.2. This really is a very good installer. I then used method #2 (combo, 10.7.0 kernel update, pfix) to get to 10.6.7. This worked like a charm. I am really appreciative of pfix. This makes the booting go very quickly.
    I am going to see if the same methodology works with 10.6.8 ( Combo, 10.8.0 kernel and pfix).

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