Verizon iPhone

Hey guys, so as you probably have guessed, I will be getting the Verizon iPhone. I  have my iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32gb) which I use for almost anything and everything. However, I have yet to own a smartphone, so once the iPhone came to verizon, I had my mind set on getting one. Here is the information that is available (most of this is old, but there is also new information: The Verizon iPhone 4 will be a CDMA EVDO based version, with a modified antenna, relocating one of the “gaps” to the top of the phone, and moving the silence/sound switch down a little. The hardware will remain the same inside the iPhone (A4 processor, 512mb of ram, retina display, etc). There is obviously no micro sim slot on the right side of the bezzel, since the CDMA technology is all built inside the iPhone itself. The major news that hit yesterday and today is that Verizon will carry over its $29.99/month data package for unlimited data to the iPhone. However, there is a catch: on the iPhone FAQ page (on verizon’s website), it said that the data package is “available for a limited time” only. There is no information on a date when this “limited time offer” will expire, if it will expire at all, or if they will start a tiered data table only for the iPhone. My guess is that they will create a tiered data package table that will be spread across all the smartphones Verizon will offer, including all Android-based devices, Blackberries, and maybe even basic feature phones. All of this is very unclear and remains in the gray area. Only time will really tell what the packages will end up turning into or if they will change at all. For more information about the latest news on the iphone 4 for Verizon, visit the Verizon iPhone Homepage or the iPhone FAQ

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