Hackintosh 1005HA/1005HAB, etc Part 5-Tips and Tricks for Netbooks

Hey Guys, last post on this topic for now. Since you have everything working, you’re gonna want to learn how to control the volume/brightness.

1) The first thing you have to download is a program called Spark. It is widely used by the Hackintosh community, so I’m sure you guys have heard of it before. You can download it at (http://www.shadowlab.org/Software/spark.php).

2) Once you install it, go to it and select “file from the dropdown menu, new hotkey, and System. In the “shortcut” space, I like to use Control-and the F# keys that correspond with the FN keys from windows. Makes it easier to just look down and see the pictures and know they are for that purpose. Do this for Mute, Volume Down, and Volume Up. When making each of the shortcuts, make sure you check the boxes at the bottom that say “Display Notification Icon” and “Play Feedback when volume is changed”. After you make the shortcuts, click the green button on the bottom of the Spark window, which says “Start Spark Daemon”.

3) As for brightness, since we installed a Brightness kext already, you should be able to use the FN keys like you normally would in windows. Unfortunately, theres no way to make a spark shortcut for these :/

Hope this helps. Comment below with any questions/comments 🙂

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