Hackintosh 1005HA/1005HAB, etc Part 3-First Boot and Kext Installation

Ok. So you’ve installed Snow Leopard. Now you need to be able to boot from your hard drive instead of that big old piece of junk hanging off your computer. Now you need to be very careful in following these steps. I had to wipe and reinstall about 10 times in the last 2 weeks til I finally stopped being so hasty and took my time.

Ok. So. Shut your computer completely down. Turn it on and hold ESC so you can boot from the USB again. Yes, the usb, not the hard drive. When the Chameleon bootloader appears, select your internal hard drive, not the USB/sd card. At this point, you should be greeted by a setup section for Snow Leopard (if not, follow the same thing, except before hitting enter to go into the internal hard drive, type -v and post what you find is the problem with the bootup process. At this point, fill out all the info, etc etc. If you have another mac, DO NOT TRANSFER ANY DATA! When you select this option, it will take the updated Kernel and everything and you’ll have to restart the entire process once again.

Finally, you will get to the Desktop on Snow Leopard. Congrats, give yourself a pat on the back. The easy part is over. Now slow your mind down, because you need a lot of patience with this part. Use a different USB drive and copy the folder that you downloaded with the myhack_installer_1.1 and all that stuff and copy it onto the NEW USB. Then, plug that into the netbook. What you want to do is run the myhack_installer_1.1 on the netbook again, select the same things, but have it install onto the internal hard drive (not the USB drive). This process will take about 5-15 mins.

Once that is done, go to the Extras folder from that package you downloaded and transfer all that to the /Extras folder in the hard drive (go to the finder, select “Macintosh HD” and go to the extras folder in there). Copy everything into this folder, and replace all the files it asks to replace.

In the folder you downloaded, go to the /system/library/extentions folder and copy all the files in there into the same folder on the hard drive (go to “Macintosh HD”, /system/library/extention and paste all the .kext files in there.

Next, go to folder you downloaded and go to the Sound folder. Double click the VoodooHDA.prefPane and install for all users. This will turn out an error. Just click Ok and ignore this.

Finally, navigate to the “Macintosh HD” again and double click the “pfix” terminal code, type your password, and let this run. This can take anywhere from 5-20 mins. When terminal says “Process Complete. Logout”, quit terminal and restart your netbook. This time, you can remove both the installer USB/sd and the other USB.

Stay tuned for Part 4 on how to update to 10.6.4 and 10.6.5

  1. Hi!

    I cannot find “pfix” on the step:
    “Finally, navigate to the “Macintosh HD” again and double click the “pfix” terminal code”

    Any Idea?

    • Please read all my posts before posting questions like this, as well as look at the insanelymac forum post. This question has been asked over 10 times already. Please read the comments on this blog post (which is part 4) http://bit.ly/eH1aFw


    • henrique
    • March 4th, 2011

    I did everything right but it says I have no keyboard!!!!

    • Before I can help you, 2 things: 1) Calm down, you can always use an external keyboard until the problem is resolved. 2) You did not install the kexts right if the keyboard is not working. Please repeat the steps to install the kexts and then the keyboard will work fine. If not, please provide the model of your netbook, what version is it on (10.6.0, 10.6.4, 10.6.5, or 10.6.6?), and how much ram is in the netbook.


    • Jean-Philippe
    • March 18th, 2011

    Ok I managed to install it. At the end it says “the installation failed” No problem, you warned me of that at step two. Now, I boot from the usb, but I can’t see my hard drive in chameleon. What can I do?

    • Did you install the kexts properly in the myhack_installer on the USB stick to begin with? Did you edit the options of the installation before going ahead and installing? And did you go into your BIOS and edit the hard drive from ATA/SATA to AHCI?


    • 01L 5P1LL
    • December 20th, 2011

    Hi I followed your guide last time and everything worked perfectly 🙂
    Now I tried it again but this time installing OSX on a separate partition as I already had Ubuntu 10.10 Installed everything works fine except for when I use the My Hack Installer on the OSX partition. It seems to install fine but when I reboot it and boot from the hard drive It stays on a black screen with a blinking _
    And it wont start I can boot it fine with the Bootable usb though
    Please Help me!
    Asus Eee PC 1005HAB
    2 GB Ram
    My OSX Partition is on /dev/sda2
    My Ubuntu Partition is on /dev/sda3

    • The myHack installer interferes with Grub, which is the bootloader for Ubuntu. I’m not sure how to fix this problem, as I don’t dual boot with Linux on my hackintosh. When you use the bootable USB, you are forcing the boot with Chameleon, which causes Chameleon to search the hard drive for partitions. Then you select the Ubuntu partition, and then you boot into Grub to choose Ubuntu. Your best bet is making an SD card that you can always keep in your netbook and boot from that all the time instead. That is the only solution.


  1. January 2nd, 2011

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