Hackintosh 1005ha/1005hab, etc Part 2-Installing Snow Leopard

Ok, so you’ve created your hackintosh usb/sd card. Great. Now get your USB Keyboard and mouse ready and plug them into your computer. Shut down the netbook, and once you’ve started it, hold the ESC button down, and select your USB drive (or if you’re using your SD card it will say “Media Card” or something to that effect. Select that, and Select your usb/sd card when Chameleon (the bootloader) comes up. It will take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to be greeted by the Snow Leopard Installer, so be patient. Once booted, you will be greeted with a language selection. After selecting your language, click the “Utilities” menu from the top and select “disk utility”. Once open, select your hard drive, go to the “Partition” tab. Where it says “custom” in the drop down menu, select “1 Partition”. Then, go to the lower left corner where it says “options” and click the “GUID Partition Table” part. Then click partition. This wipes all the data off your netbook so make sure you have any OS backed up before this.

After this is done, progress through the installation until you get right before the “Install” button. Click the customize button. Here you want to customize what the disk installs (Fonts, languages, etc). I personally don’t install any printer drivers or languages. What you NEED TO INSTALL is Rosetta. This is a good tool and really necessary for a lot of things within OS X.

Now, go to the fridge and grab another beer. This portion of the install takes from 20-40 mins to finish. At the end, if you get an “Install Failed” screen, just click the restart button, snow leopard DID install.

Stay tuned for Part 3 on what to do for your first boot

  1. Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

    • I only ask that you put credit where its due and post the link in which you post my information.

    • kidslow
    • December 25th, 2010

    Thanks for the very informative guide. One of the best guides for turning an Eee into a Hackintosh. I’ve started with the process to install OS X on my 1008HA. I have the last model that came with 2 GB RAM, 320GB hdd and Win7. I don’t know if there is a subtle hardware difference, or whether the default kext in 10.6.0 installer AHCI h/w support is lacking. My install kept on hanging on the fsck of my internal drive. I would watch the logs and it never got past there, always with 20 minutes time remaining. Eventually it would kernel panic.

    Solution was to use the IOATAFamily.kext with MyHack and disable AHCI support in the BIOS.

    Once I’m on 10.6.5 with all the most recent kexts installed, I will try to re-enable AHCI and see what happens.

    Just wanted to let your readers know what to do to get past this if they encounter similar problems. A dead giveaway is that it’s difficult to even format the internal drive, with lots of spinning beach ball action. Another dead giveaway is if you “Show All Logs” in the Installer Log, it will hang just after “Checking extents overflow file.” and eventually kernel panic.

    • Not really sure what that is about. The 1008ha model does have different hardware than the 1005ha or even the 1005hab, mainly the processor, which I believe it either has the atom 450 or the 455. That can cause the kernel panic, as well as the problems with the fsck. Please report back on what you find out.

        • kidslow
        • December 26th, 2010

        I’ve got the 1008HA up to 10.6.5, but two things still don’t work.

        AHCI mode on the internal SATA is b0rked. It KPs when I try to enable it. With IDE mode, it’s fine. From what I read, not an issue at 540RPM, but if I ever did want to upgrade to an SSD internally, it would be nice if it worked.

        Bluetooth does not work. I’ve tried everything short of reinstalling Win7 and testing that the hardware works. I’m in the process of recovering from the provided recovery DVD to an external USB drive. This is possible only if you use a USB 1.1 enclosure and format the partition (min 22GB) in advance with NTFS and install to partition. Pain in the azz and slow az. I think it may be possible to create a VMWare virtual machine from the image, once I do this. Fingers crossed.

        The wifi has trouble connecting from time to time. Needs a better kext. I had to disable 802.11n on my Airport Express, and use only b/g, which is fine since I don’t really use n anyway.

  2. Have you tried to boot the internal drive using the USB? Plug the hacked USB drive into the computer, select it to boot from, and then hit any key to bring up the chameleon bootloader, and it should show the possible drives to boot from. Then you should be able to boot into your internal drive and take it from there.

    • MicGms
    • May 14th, 2011

    I’m trying to install this on my EEE PC 1005 HAB. I did everything right on the first part but everytime I run the program It’s always going into kernel panic. I’m getting frustrated. Any suggestions? AHCI is turned on…could it be my bios isn’t updated yet? I bought this netbook about 2 years ago.

    • Try to run what program? You have to be more specific.


        • MicGms
        • May 15th, 2011

        Sorry. I’ve followed your instructions to the letter on creating the bootable usb drive with Snow Leopard in it but whenever I boot up my netbook using the usb drive, it goes into kernel panic.

      • What are the details of your system? 1 or 2gb of ram? You always should try recreating the USB, because that usually why it would cause a KP.


    • MicGms
    • May 15th, 2011

    Currently everything is the same except for its hard drive which I have replaced with a 320 GB WD Hard Drive. It has 1 GB of Ram right now.

    When installing, I use my 250 GB external HD. Last night I reformatted my external disk and restored the Mac OS X dvd from the DVD itself. Disk Utility wasn’t letting me restore from the image i have created which is odd.

    Any thoughts?

    • That is the reason why it’s not working. This guide is not like other guides where you are able to use an external hard drive to install OS X on the netbook. You cannot restore a disk image to an external hard drive. Disk Utility won’t let you. You need a flash drive or SD card, no exceptions. Go out and get a 8gb or 16gb flash drive, they’re cheap. $20.


        • MicGms
        • May 17th, 2011

        I just bought an 8 GB Flash Drive I’m still getting a KP.

      • Then I’d ask you to read the guide over and make sure you are following every step to the T. It sounds like the bootloader (chameleon) is not loading onto the flash drive properly.


    • MicGms
    • May 17th, 2011

    technotalkblog :
    Then I’d ask you to read the guide over and make sure you are following every step to the T. It sounds like the bootloader (chameleon) is not loading onto the flash drive properly.

    Is it possible to use a separate flash drive as the bootloader? I remember I have used that method before but I hesitate when it comes to this netbook

    • You cannot do that with the Chameleon bootloader. Chameleon takes an instant snapshot of the devices connected, and won’t recognize a 2nd usb. The only bootloader that can handle that is a custom boot-132.


  1. January 2nd, 2011

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