Triple Boot Mac Part 1

This will show you how to triple boot your mac with OS X, Windows, and Linux. Part 1/2

    • Jim Jones
    • August 18th, 2010

    Hey just a quick question, what exactly is a partition, and why if any reason did you choose to make 3? I have a 320GB hard drive and would prefer to save as much space as possible, so would it be possible to get away with only making 2 or 1 partitions?

    • 1) Partition is like dividing your hard drive. The main purpose is to separate things. For example, people partition their hard drive so they can install different operating systems on the same machine without them interfering.

      2) I chose to make 3 because I like to have all 3 OS types: Darwin (OS X), Linux (ubuntu), and Windows (Win 7). Also, I didn’t try this with only 2 partitions so idk if it works or not.

      3) Making 1 partition would mean just having your hard drive as is. It doesn’t change it.

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