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Hey Guys,

So its been really busy this week, between family problems with surgeries and such, as well as the fact that my ipad is bricked for right now. I went to update to 3.2.1 and it got stuck. I’ll be back with a video jailbreak as soon as the problem is resolved.
Techno Talk

Whats coming this week

SO. I haven’t done a video since last week. But this is what is coming up this week:
1) Ipad jailbreak-Not definite unless I fix the ipad
2) Favorite and most useful jailbreaking applications
3) Best Cydia Sources
4) What blows about iOS 4?

POSSIBLE videos:
1) Snow Leopard Server on Macbook Pro
2) Google Voice, why use it?
3) Running Android in a virtual machine

Stay tuned!!!

Video of iPad jailbreak soon

Hey Guyys,

So I know I haven’t done a video lately, but a video of me jailbreaking the ipad wifi model will be coming up soon. I’ll also talk to you about the best apps you can get after you jailbreak your iDevice. That may be a separate video, so stay tuned!

Triple Boot Mac Part 2

See video below for the 2nd half of the Mac Triple Boot Tutorial

Triple Boot Mac Part 1

This will show you how to triple boot your mac with OS X, Windows, and Linux. Part 1/2

Samsung Intensity 2

So I finally got a new phone after 3 months of not having one. Because my parents refuse to pay for a data plan, I had to choose a phone that didn’t require one. Thus, I chose the Samsung Intensity 2. See the video below for my review

The first blog entry. What is Techno Talk about?

Well it has to start somewhere. So hello to anyone who may be looking at this. Please be warned that if you are looking at this blog, you may be interested in technology, computer, ipod jailbreaking, pcs or macs, or just know me personally.

Thus, this is my first blog entry. I guess it’s kinda like an award, so I think I should thank someone or something. So…I would like to thank Apple Sales Training Online and Mike Williams. Without both of them, this blog wouldn’t exist!

In future entries, you will read and see videos about any of the following:

-PC or Mac hardware


-iPod/iPhone Jailbreaking and ipod accessories



-Install0us apps

-Game Reviews

-Xbox reviews

-Technology News

-Current Projects

-Hackintosh things

-And anything else that might pop into my mind.

If you have any ideas that you would like me to discuss, drop me an email at